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Programme Overview

The 10-week Nurturing Programme

This is an overview of the 10-week parenting programme that professionals who attend our 4-day training course will be equipped to deliver.

Programme Summary

The Nurturing Programme is a 10- week parenting programme that improves the emotional health of both adults and children and strengthens family relationships.


It is a cognitive-relational programme, providing parents with new skills in listening and communicating with their children and developing an understanding of behaviour in the context of relationships.

​It is based upon four constructs or building blocks: self-awareness, appropriate expectations, positive discipline and empathy.

The programme is for parents of children of all ages. It works particularly well for the 3-12 year range, as we have other age-specific programmes. It also works very well with parents of children with additional needs and parents in prison. An adapted version incorporating Islamic values for Muslim parents is available. 

Programme Content

Week 1

  • Departure Point

  • Building Blocks: The Four Constructs


Week 2

  • The Question of Discipline

  • Time to Calm Down

Week 3

  • Family Rules

  • Rewards and Penalties


Week 4

  • Personal Power

  • Self-esteem

  • Choices and Consequences


Week 5

  • Feelings…and What We Do With Them

  • Communicating Clearly: Using I Statements


Week 6

  • Kinds of Touch

  • Nurturing Ourselves


Week 7

  • Ages and Stages in Children’s Development

  • Helping Children Grow Up

Week 8

  • Keeping Children Safe


Week 9

  • Time to Play

  • Behaviour to Ignore

  • Problem solving and Negotiating


Week 10

  • Continuing the Family Journey

  • Celebration

  • Outcomes for parents and children

Outcomes For Parents & Children

2015 research showed:

  • On average 8 out of 10 parents attending groups report significant improvements in their children’s behaviour and family life

  • A significant reduction in conduct problems and hyperactivity

  • The programme is highly effective in improving mental health outcomes for both children and their parents

  • A reduction in the proportion of children with clinical levels of difficulties

  • Increase in levels of self-efficacy in 8 dimensions of parenting: emotion and affection, play and enjoyment, empathy and understanding, control, discipline and boundary setting, pressures of parenting, self-acceptance and learning and knowledge

  • Parent Group Leaders report an improvement in children’s behaviour and emotional and mental health; more parents entering education, training and employment; and a reduction in the number of children subject to safeguarding plans.

Parent Testimonials

“It has brought to my attention my own behaviour and made me realise it’s not just the children’s behaviour that needs watching” - Mum of two

“I would recommend the course and explain it is not for ‘bad parents’, it is just gaining more tools to help you be the best you can be” - Parent from Bournemouth

“The course is making me feel more aware of our actions, to stop and think before speaking and change the way we nurture/ be a family, and not being so controlling”

“I would definitely recommend this to all parents - I think it should be compulsory! It has given me a lot of confidence to use different skills to parent better”

“Without question the most positively influential course I have ever been on” - Parent in West Sussex


“I felt really nervous at the start, meeting new people. It made me realise my children are actual people with feelings. I found the techniques great and easy to pass on to my sisters as support” - Cherish Sure Start Parent Group

“This course has made me reconnect with my kids. It has helped me understand their feelings, and that they need respect as well as discipline. It has made me take a good look at myself and my parenting skills”

Resources For Parents

Impact & Evidence


Click link for evidence to support the effectiveness of the Nurturing Programme.

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