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Emotional Health Week

This year Emotional Health Week took place between 19th and 23rd February. The dates for the next Emotional Health Week are 24th to 28th February 2025.

Emotional Health Week is an ideal time for us all to think about emotional health, why it’s important and how we can take small steps to develop it, to enable not only us, but those around us to thrive.

We want to create an emotionally healthy society where everyone has the skills and tools to be able to tackle the challenges that life throws at them. To make this a priority we need you!

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What is emotional health?

To find out what emotional health is watch our new two minute animation.

For further information you can read more here.

How can I get involved?

Although Emotional Health Week is now over, you can still join us online to raise our collective voice about the importance of emotional health.


Below you can also find lots of resources that you can use and share on social media.  

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Let’s Make a Buzz about Emotional Health!


Watch & share our new animation – What is Emotional Health?


Read & share our paper produced in partnership with Demos - Strong Foundations: Why everyone needs good emotional health - and how to achieve it.

Share how you are spending some time either by yourself or with others to focus on your emotional health, using the hashtag #emotionalhealth

It’s about Building the Capabilities of Adults


We know that a stable, responsive environment is essential in childhood for developing the foundations of resilience and good, lifelong emotional, mental and physical health. That’s why it’s important to highlight the importance of building the emotional health skills of adults in the lives of children.

Grab a cup of tea and have a read as our Chief Executive Peter Leonard reflects on the importance of emotional health.

Or watch this video of parents reflecting on their experiences of attending our 10 week Nurturing Programme.

Emotional Health & Child Development


Research shows the impact that relationships & emotional health in early childhood have on our future life outcomes. So, it’s vital to shine a spotlight on the importance of these early relationships and how adults can model good emotional health.

Have a listen to children reflecting on feelings and being supported by the adults around them.

Watch our patron Sally Hogg talk to our Chief Executive Peter Leonard about the importance of emotional health for babies, including some practical tips for parents & carers.


Fancy some story time with the children in your lives? Why not head to our Resources for Parents where some of our team have shared their favourite picture books which can support social & emotional learning, amongst many other useful resources.


If you’d be interested in getting a copy of the Parenting Puzzle Book or The Nurturing Game to support the children in your lives, then head to our shop to find out more.

Emotional Health & Me


Sit down and listen to our podcast Emotionally Speaking & see if you can pick up some tips on what to include in your own Emotional Health Tool Kit. Share some of your strategies for enhancing your emotional health or ideas you liked from the podcasts using the hashtag #emotionallyspeaking

Want to find out more about how you can support the emotional health of the children in your lives? Why not have a read of some top tips based on The Nurturing Programme


Take a moment and have a read of Rowen, our Director of Training’s reflections on the importance of emotional health in the workplace.

We know that ‘Emotional health at age 16 is a stronger predictor of mental health and life chances at age 30 than either demographic or socio-economic factors’

(Source: Goodman, A., Joshi, H., Nasim, B., & Tyler, C. (2015). Social and emotional skills in childhood and their long-term effects on adult life. London: Institute of Education)

About Emotional Health Week

The Centre for Emotional Health is the home of Emotional Health Week.

Emotional Health Week began in 24th February 2022 on the 25th Anniversary of the Centre for Emotional Health. It now happens every year and is an opportunity to come together to focus on raising awareness of the importance of emotional health and how good emotional health can support us through the challenges that life throws at us. The week aims to help people understand and prioritise their emotional health.

It is vital that we increase understanding of emotional health, why it is important, how it can be developed and how it can act as a foundation for good mental health. Emotional health should be a priority, not just for government, but for us all.

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