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Working with Families with Multiple Challenges

(Previously known as Working with Families with Complex Needs)

All Ages

This 1-day training course is for practitioners who have already completed the 4-day Parent Group Leader training or the 2-day Working One to One with Parents training. It equips staff to work effectively with families who are experiencing particular challenges in their parenting and to support them in developing and maintaining a consistent and positive approach under difficult circumstances. 

Mother, Father, with their two children sit holding hands looking out to the trees.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the training, practitioners will have:

  • Considered their own and others’ motivations and beliefs about the work

  • Identified the pressures and expectations that come from others, from the wider system, and from themselves

  • Considered how to build a working alliance with families and how to work with resistance

  • Practised contracting, agreeing working boundaries, and setting goals with parents

  • Considered the impact of particular contexts on the work, e.g. domestic abuse, substance misuse, mental and physical ill health

  • Shared ideas and thoughts and had some fun with colleagues

Course Overview & Cost

Click link to download the Working with Families with Multiple Challenges Overview.


Book Team Training

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Training Options​​

  • Face-to-face for groups of up to 20 people.



"I’m really pleased to have completed this training - it’s been fab - unlike so many training courses today! Informative, fun and easy to participate due to excellent, caring facilitators too. Thanks."

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