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The 10-week Nurturing Programme is effective in universal settings. Professionals who have attended our Parent Group Leader Training deliver targeted support as part of specialist interventions such as adoption and fostering or working with parents in prison.

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Parent Group Leader training for Parents in Prison

The Nurturing Programme is being successfully delivered in a number of male and female prisons across the UK, impacting on family relationships, emotional health and positive parenting. 

Family Links offers additional specialist training for practitioners working to support parents in prison or their families.


We focus on guidance and information on best practice in this specialist setting and building successful partnerships with prison staff and management. Parenting in a prison context brings its own priorities and sensitivities - and the programme has been adapted to meet these. In addition to the obvious benefits to both parents and children, it is also clear that the Nurturing Programme in a prison context often leads to improved relationships and cultures amongst prisoners.



If you are a trained Parent Group Leader, you may buy a copy of the The Parent Group Leader Handbook for Working with Parents in Prison from our shop​. 



"Courses such as The Nurturing Programme are an essential part of the reducing re-offending pathway. It encourages parents to promote a calmer, more structured and loving environment for their children to grow up in." - Prison Officer Andrew Mole, HM Prison Holme House, Cleveland

Book training


You can attend the regular Parent Group Leader training. Contact our At Home team to find out more and choose a time and location for your team. You can also book individual places on certain dates and locations - check our training calendar for availability.

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