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Programme Overview

Parenting Puzzle Workshop

This is an overview of the 4-session programme that professionals who attend our one-day training course will deliver to parents.

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Programme Summary

The course consists of four two-hour workshops for groups of parents of children under 5 years old and is usually delivered in children’s centres, schools or early years settings.

Programme Content

Workshop 1

  • Understanding your children’s behaviour

  • Listening and how babies and children communicate

  • Praise and encouragement


Workshop 2

  • Praise and guidance

  • Power of play and positive moments


Workshop 3

  • Boundaries and parenting styles

  • Understanding and managing behaviour

  • Looking after ourselves


Workshop 4

  • Dealing with stress and conflict

  • Developing the Family Toolkit

Outcomes For Parents & Children

The aims of the programme are to:

  • introduce the Four Constructs (Building Blocks) for positive, constructive relationships and calm, confident parenting

  • develop parents’ understanding of empathy

  • develop parents’ understanding of the importance of listening and communication

  • explore the power of praise and positive interaction

  • increase parents’ understanding of the power of play

  • promote positive approaches to discipline and boundary setting

  • develop an understanding of the importance of nurture of self and others in family relationships


Parents feel more confident and have greater understanding of their children’s feelings and needs and how their children communicate these.

They have an increased repertoire of parenting strategies to support their child’s development and school readiness. 

Resources For Parents

Impact & Evidence


Click link for evidence to support the effectiveness of the Parenting Puzzle Workshop.

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