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Playful Parenting Workshops

Early Years | Primary

This 1-day training course is for practitioners who have already trained as Parent Group Leaders or Welcome to the World Group Leaders and who wish to work with parents on the subject of play. The course provides the knowledge, skills and resources to deliver two 2-hour workshops to parents.

2 Family Links trained Parent Group Leaders are required to deliver the groups, with each PGL trained in the specific programme being delivered.


​The course highlights the importance of play and of building attachment through play. It focuses on

understanding child development, the brain, attachment and how play supports healthy development and explores the value and benefits of different types of play.


Learning Outcomes

On completion of the training, practitioners will have:

  • Developed confidence in delivering two 2-hour Playful Parenting workshops to groups of parents or on a 1:1 basis.

  • Developed a deeper understanding of the importance of play and of building attachment through play.

  • Understood how child development, the brain and play support healthy development.

  • Explored the use of child-centred play skills to support development and the use of cheap/free resources to create quality play opportunities.

  • Developed confidence in promoting positive approaches to discipline and boundary setting.

  • Developed knowledge and skills to support parents in their play with children.

Course Overview & Cost

Click here to download the Playful Parenting Workshops overview.

Programme Overview​

Click link for an overview of the two-session programme that professionals who attend our one-day training course will deliver to parents.


Included in training cost:

  • The Playful Parenting Handbook

Other relevant resources (not included in training cost):

Book Team Training

Contact our At Home team to discuss or find out more.

         01865 401800

Book Individual Places

Check our training calendar for face-to-face or online training availability.

Training Options

  • Face-to-face for groups of up to 20 people.

  • Online individual places on Open training.

  • This training can also be used as a CPD day. Contact us for more information.



“This training will help frontline workers strengthen relationships with families through methods of play.  I think it can be a useful tool to engage parents in their children's play. It has enough theory, with fun elements of hands on exploration, for it to be understood by parents from all backgrounds.”

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