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Playful Parenting CPD

Early Years | Primary

This 1-day course highlights the importance of play and of building attachment through play. It focuses on

understanding child development, the brain, attachment and how play supports healthy development and explores the value and benefits of different types of play.


Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, practitioners will have:

  • Developed a deeper understanding of the importance of play and of building attachment through play.

  • Understood how child development, the brain and play support healthy development.

  • Explored the use of child-centred play skills to support development and the use of cheap/free resources to create quality play opportunities.

  • Developed confidence in promoting positive approaches to discipline and boundary setting.

  • Developed knowledge and skills to support parents in their play with children.


Course Overview & Cost

Click here to download the Playful Parenting CPD overview.


Relevant resources (not included in course cost):

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Training Options

  • Face-to-face for groups of up to 20 people.



“Thank you for the training, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It made me realise, from a parent’s perspective, that you don't have to take children on expensive days out to have fun – that fun starts at home."

"Today’s training about playful parenting was really helpful and fun. I’ve learned the deeper meaning of play and how I can apply it in my personal life and work."

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