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Family Links Oxford Schools Evaluation 2023 - Full Report

Family Links the Centre for Emotional Health, with the generous support of The Tambour Foundation, have been working in partnership with schools across Oxfordshire over the last five years. We anchor our partnership work in the Nurturing Programme, developing the emotional health of both the education setting and environment itself and the individuals (parents, staff, and children) within the community.

Thank you to Naomi Jones of NJ Research, who has worked with wisdom and patience to develop an approach to evaluation that was appropriate to our relational ways of working, gathering rich and detailed data from 18 depth interviews from across 12 education settings and carrying out three focus groups of parents who have taken part in our programmes.

This evaluation both provides evidence of the impact of relationship building through the Nurturing Programme, as well as areas in which we, as an organisation, can further enhance and improve our support for education settings. We are immensely grateful to our colleagues in schools, and the parents who have been, and continue to be, on this journey with us, and who took part in this research.


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