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The Duchess of Cambridge visits Pegasus Primary School

The Duchess of Cambridge is leant forward talking to a group of school children. They are holding flags.

We are very excited to announce that the Duchess of Cambridge visited Pegasus Primary School on 6 March to learn more about the work we do. Her Royal Highness saw how we work closely with schools nationwide to support both children and parents with their emotional health and wellbeing, with an emphasis on early intervention.

She told staff: “I was very impressed with the children I met. To have them speak so articulately is extraordinary really.”

At Pegasus Primary School, we have completely integrated emotional health support into children’s education, with the entire family supported through a range of workshops and activity sessions.

Parents are offered the opportunity to attend our ten-week Nurturing Programme, and children have weekly circle times throughout the school year.

This is all underpinned by a whole-school approach where everyone from the caretaker to the Headteacher is trained in the Nurturing Programme approach.

HRH praised this work:

“It is pretty unusual and absolutely fantastic to have this ingrained approach with the whole school involved.
“There is so much emphasis on academic success, it is nice to see the life skills you have built up.
“As a mum myself I think it is very important to share emotions.
“I have not seen this type of holistic approach working before.”

During the visit, the Duchess:

  • Met parents to hear more about how their families have overcome challenges with the support of the Nurturing Programme.

  • Observed a ‘Circle Time’, an activity session which encourages pupils to share their thoughts on a range of topics, including how to support a classmate if they are being bullied, or how to cope with a stressful situation at home or at school.

  • Attended a roundtable discussion on the importance of supporting families during a child’s early years.


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