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Who supports those who support others?

Mary Taylor, our Head of Programmes has been busy in the news sharing insights about our NHS workshops that are helping to combat stress that if left unrecognised, could lead to burnout and absenteeism.

It is true of all of us that when we keep giving out to others without taking care of our own needs well enough, we gradually cease to be able to provide for others in the ways we might wish to. If we have ways to look after ourselves well, if we can manage ourselves in times of challenge, and if we have healthy, supportive relationships with those around us, we might in normal times have the means to “top up” our emotional reserves ready for a new day.

Imagine however, what it has been like for those working within a large NHS trust in the south of England during the Covid-19 pandemic, a period that cannot be considered “normal times”.

Our workshops have aimed to enhance the capacity for teams within the NHS trust’s workforce to support their own, and their colleagues’ emotional health, both day-to-day and in moments of challenge. They have been attended by staff at all levels, bringing together consultants, nurses, health care assistants, porters, and hospital administration staff. Many have spoken of their pride in their high professional standards, but sadly, alongside their feelings of being personally burnt out. It’s not just the doctors and nurses feeling the strain. These workshops showed us how mindful we need to be of the stresses carried by all the back-up staff, from x ray departments to porters to receptionists and cleaners.

We know there are many other front-line workers out there who give out to others every day, while also trying to juggle their own challenges and those of their family. 

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