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Supervision Training

All Ages

This half day, experiential course is for professionals who supervise Family Links trained Parent Group Leaders who deliver the Nurturing Programme to parents and carers.  It is ideal for those who are new to supervision as well as those who would welcome extra ideas and structure to enhance what they are already doing.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, supervisors will have:


  • Identified what we mean by supervision, and how it can encourage effective delivery of the programme

  • Considered the educative, managerial and supportive functions of supervision and how to achieve an appropriate balance between these

  • Considered how to create a structure and contract for supervision

  • Identified the pressures and expectations on practitioners from parents/carers, from the wider system and from practitioners themselves, and how to respond to these using the building blocks of the Nurturing Programme

  • Gained increase knowledge of the Nurturing Programme and practiced a range of supervision strategies and interventions

  • Shared some ideas and thoughts and had some fun with colleagues

Course Overview & Cost

Click link to download the Supervision training course overview.

Book Individual Places

Check our training calendar for online training availability.

Training Options​​

  • Online in groups of up to 20 people. 

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