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Understanding Teenagers in Schools Training

Secondary Schools

This 1- day workshop is designed to offer an understanding of the teenage brain development to those working with young people in schools and educational settings.

Teenage boy in school uniform sitting at a table typing on his laptop

Learning Outcomes


By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • reflect on adolescent brain development 

  • consider how to promote emotional resilience in adolescents

  • understand what young people need from the adults around them

  • consider how to support learning during a time of rapid brain development

Workshop Overview

This course provides an opportunity to understand teenage brain development and the adolescent developmental process.

It includes ideas and strategies for professionals working with teenagers and their parents to help them motivate and support young people in an emotionally healthy context.

The day brings together the latest understanding from neuroscience and developmental psychology and the principles of the Nurturing Programme, one of the leading social and emotional education interventions in the UK.

Click here to download the Understanding Teenagers in Schools Training Overview.


Each participant receives a copy of our Understanding Teenagers booklet.

Book Team Training

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         01865 401800

Book Individual Places

Check our training calendar for online and face-to-face training availability.

Training Options​

  • Face-to-face or online for groups of up to 25 people.


"Very useful in understanding teenage behaviour and also being able to explain it to parents in a way that makes sense."

"I realise teenagers still need everything we offered when they were younger - it just needs tweaking."

"Great session! I will be able to apply this new knowledge and the strategies at home too!"

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