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Working with Muslim Families

All Ages

This 1-day training will equip practitioners to work effectively with Muslim families. Based on the well-established Parenting Puzzle and Islamic Values programme, the course specifically considers how positive parenting strategies relate to Islamic values and religious teaching. The course draws on Quranic verses and the Hadiths (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him).

This training is suitable for Muslim and non-Muslim staff from all family support services and for school and youth support staff.

Learning Outcomes

  • Developed understanding of the basic principles of Islam.

  • Understood the differences between cultural and religious practice and explored some common misconceptions about Islam.

  • Explored the potential barriers to working with the Muslim community and developed strategies for respectful, successful practice.

  • Developed an understanding of the Parenting Puzzle approach: self-awareness, empathy, positive discipline and appropriate expectations.


Course Overview & Cost

Click here to download the Working with Muslim Families overview.


Included in training cost:

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Training Options​​

  • Face-to-face for groups of up to 20 people.


"Better understanding and increased knowledge of culture/religion. Therefore better insight to work with families effectively."

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