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Emotional Health in the Workplace presentation

Backs of heads in a conference setting, listening to a speaker at the front

Presentation Benefits​

An initial presentation on emotional health in the workplace to:

  • Learn more about emotional health and why it matters for your organisation

  • The importance of psychological safety for effective teamwork

  • The role of daily habits of relating in the workplace


This 1-hour presentation can be for a larger group of employees or a more interactive presentation for a smaller group of leaders or managers.

Who is it for

  • Any workplace large or small

  • Leadership/ Management teams

  • Whole teams

  • HR managers

  • Occupational health staff

  • Mental health first aiders

  • Wellbeing support workers or leads

  • Anyone with an interest in supporting emotional health in the workplace

Book Presentation

Contact us to discuss or find out more.

         01865 401800

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