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Fundraising and donations

The Centre for Emotional Health aims to generate at least 75% of its income through the sale of training and resources.
We fundraise for the remainder, enabling us to develop, evaluate, and refine programmes that best meet the needs of the parents, children, schools, and organisations with whom we work.

We are extremely grateful to all our donors. We have received grants from Trusts and Foundations which include: 

There are many ways of giving and we hope that you will be inspired by some of the lovely letters we received from parents who attended our ten-week parenting programmes.

It's been so, so useful. The ultimate benefits will include the way my children parent their children… and so on, so I can see the massive value to society now and in the future. Thank you all.

I can honestly say – above any form of parenting training I have been involved in or any other learning I have gained, the Nurturing Programme has by far been the most valuable source of parent and professional guidance I have to date been fortunate to be part of. I have been taught so many life and professional skills – I will be forever grateful. Thank you!

You can make donations to us through JustGiving.

Generate free donations for us from your online shopping at over 6,000 stores.

Get in touch with Sally if you want to talk to us about fundraising and donations.

Phillip Pullman, Family Links Patron

“We used to have generations of child-rearing wisdom embodied in grandparents and village elders, available in the home or just down the road. Families are so scattered now that that sort of help isn’t so easy to come by. That’s why Family Links is so important.”

Phillip Pullman


(Photo courtesy of

Hannah and Alexander Armstrong, Family Links Patrons

“We support Family Links because it is a charity that addresses one of the biggest issues right at source: if you can get family life to work positively so many other things fall into place.”

Hannah & Alexander Armstrong


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