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Mental Health Policy Commission Report: Investing in a resilient generation

The root causes of mental health problems can often be traced to adversity in childhood or adolescence, but the effects can have a life-long impact on well-being and the ability to live a satisfying and productive life throughout adulthood.

This report sets out the evidence base around the factors that can impact on young people’s mental health. This can be summarised in terms of four key building blocks for building a resilient generation:

  • Positive family, peer, and community relationships

  • Minimise adverse experiences and exclusions

  • Mentally friendly education and employment

  • Responding early and responding well to first signs of distress

Burstow, P., Newbigging, K., Tew, J., and Costello, B., 2018. Investing in a Resilient Generation: Keys to a Mentally Prosperous Nation. Birmingham: University of Birmingham.


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