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Reflections on emotional health, wellbeing and character in education

Reflections on Emotional Health, Wellbeing and Character in Education Report. The front cover is red, with white text. An image of a group of happy teenagers sits in the middle of the page.

Family Links and the Nurturing Schools Network have contributed to a new report from the Fair Education Alliance’s (FEA) Wellbeing group, which we co-chair with Canterbury Christ Church University.

The report follows a survey of 500 school staff about social and emotional health in education, highlighting the need for action.

The key findings were:

Insufficient time (71%) and a lack of available budget (59%) were cited as the biggest barriers to addressing Social and Emotional wellbeing in schools.

94% thought it was very important to identify children who require specialist support for wellbeing or social and emotional development.

Having clear next steps for pupil development (83%) and being easy to use (70%) were identified as being the key priorities for social and emotional wellbeing measurements.

Bea Stevenson, co-chair of the FEA’s wellbeing group and Head of Social and Emotional Learning at the Nurturing Schools Network, commented:

"We recognise the importance of ensuring that children’s emotional health not only remains high on the policy agenda but also that schools and practitioners are given the support they need to implement change. We hope that this report supports both these aims and are committed to working in cross sector partnership to embed understanding and good practice across the school system."

Visit the Fair Education Alliance’s website to find out more and read the full report


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