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Transforming Learning Workshops: An evaluation at Oxford Brookes University 2014

This report outlines the findings from an evaluation of the Family Links Transforming Learning Workshops, delivered as part of Initial Teacher Education at Oxford Brookes University.

The workshop aims were to:

· Improve and increase the range of positive discipline strategies that trainees have at their disposal.

· Provide practical suggestions for building and maintaining a nurturing and emotionally safe classroom climate.

· Support trainees in developing excellent interpersonal skills to empower their work with colleagues and parents.

· Highlight the benefits and practices of nurturing themselves as teachers.

The results showed that following the workshops, self-reported teacher efficacy increased in all four key areas: learning environment, praise and reward, behaviour management and personal power, with the greatest increase in learning environment. Additionally, changes in teacher efficacy scores were not affected by age, gender or previous experience within education.

Findings from the focus groups indicated that teacher trainees had very positive experiences of the workshops, noting their confidence had improved due to the range of strategies taught, and indicated that praise had been particularly useful for managing behaviour.

If you would like to find out more about our school staff training , more information can be found here.


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