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Luton Learning Partnership Report 2019 Parenting Puzzle Workshop

We work in collaboration with a number of local authorities and service delivery organisations to evaluate the impact of our programmes through our Learning Partnership Scheme. This allows us to measure impact at the service or local authority level, providing both us and the service delivery organisation with evidence against agreed parent, child and service-level outcomes. If you're interested in joining our Learning Partnership Scheme, click here to find out more.

This report outlines the findings from evaluation data returned from eleven Family Links Parenting Puzzle Workshops held across Luton between September 2018 and July 2019. Impact was assessed using a pre/post design measuring changes in parental self-efficacy before and after the group.

Self-efficacy, derived from Bandura’s social learning theory, is belief in one’s ability, and is considered to be an important determinant of behaviour change (Bandura, 1977). Improved parental self-efficacy is one of the expected outcomes of the programme and is based around the idea that parents act as the mediators of change for improving both child and family outcomes.

The results showed a large and statistically significant increase in parent’s TOPSE scores after attending the group, indicating that parents were reporting significantly higher levels of parenting confidence.


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