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Manchester Learning Partnership Report 2020

We work in collaboration with a number of local authorities and service delivery organisations to evaluate the impact of our programmes through our Learning Partnership Scheme. This allows us to measure impact at the service or local authority level, providing both us and the service delivery organisation with evidence against agreed parent, child and service-level outcomes. If you're interested in joining our Learning Partnership Scheme, click here to find out more.

This report outlines the findings from evaluation data returned from six 10-week Nurturing Programme groups held across Manchester between January - June 2020.

The impact of the groups was assessed using a pre/post design. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the team were unable to collect the usual follow up data 3 months after parents completed the programme.

Changes in three key outcomes were measured:

1. Parental mental wellbeing

2. Children’s behavioural and emotional difficulties

3. Children’s prosocial behaviour

All three outcomes showed statistically significant improvements after parents completed the programme.

Please click on the image above to read the full report and find out more about the impact of our work with Manchester City Council's Early Help Parenting Team.


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