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Stress and the Brain in Children and Teenagers

All-Through Schools

This half-day interactive session is for teachers, family support practitioners, youth workers and others who are interested in understanding more about what children and young people need from adults to help them manage stress.

The session covers:

  • Stress and brain development

  • Types of stress

  • The development of the stress response before birth and in early childhood

  • The impact of adversity, trauma and threat

  • The importance of relationships

  • How adults can support children and young people to manage stress

The session includes presentation and opportunities for group discussion.



“Informative and helpful. Will definitely help us to support parents to understand their teenagers development.”

“Understanding the brain and it's different functions will help my practise.”

“Very helpful for practitioners to understand how to support teens, children and their parents using scientific and evidenced based information.”

Book Individual Places

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Training Options​

  • Online in groups of up to 20 people. 

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