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Parenting Puzzle Workshops

Early Years

This 1-day training course is for practitioners who have already trained as Parent Group Leaders and wish to offer a shorter intervention based on The Nurturing Programme.

The course provides the knowledge, skill and resources to deliver four 2-hour workshops for parents of children under 5 years old.

2 trained Parent Group Leaders are required to deliver the groups, with each PGL trained in the specific programme being delivered.

The course highlights the importance of tuning into young children and the power of play, and promotes positive approaches to discipline and boundary setting.


Parents are encouraged to develop an understanding of the importance of nurture of self and others in family relationships.

Little girl wearing a flower patterned dress jumping with her hands in the air

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the training, practitioners will be able to:

  • explain to parents the importance of child-led play

  • support parents in reducing their own and children’s stress

  • support parents in building positive relationships with their young children

  • deliver the Parenting Puzzle Workshops to groups of parents

Course Overview & Cost

Click link to download the one-day Parenting Puzzle Workshops overview.


Included in training cost:
Other relevant resources (not included in training cost):

Programme Overview

Click link an overview of the four-session Parenting Puzzle programme that professionals who attend our one-day training course will deliver to parents.

Impact & Evidence

Click link for evidence to support the effectiveness of the Parenting Puzzle Workshop.

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Book Individual Places

Check our training calendar for online training availability.



“I am very passionate about this course and use it in my everyday support work and within my family life.  It included very clear and concise activities that help to develop the knowledge and skills needed to help you facilitate the course.”

"Facilitators were really good, patient, positive, knowledgeable and funny."

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